A New Start

Why am I starting a blog. Who knows I just figured its time to start.  I’m a college student, when my nose isn’t stuck in a book, the devil aka facebook has me drawn in. Isn’t that the truth about everyone’s life. Facebook should have just changed their name to The Devil’s playground.

Okay besides my school, my active life is spent working out with my mom. I have to try to keep up with her. Which isn’t easy, shes lost 100 pounds in nine months, when I keep looking at the number and think uhhh  BUDGE! I think she doesn’t understand why its way harder for me. I gave up pop since December 24, 2009. Trust me it wasn’t as easy I thought. I didn’t just give up pop I gave up Caffeine in general. I wanted nothing to do with it not a clutch because of something I had to give up.  The water thing just came a little easier. I think I drink like a gallon or more. My goal is to get down to the size I wish I was.

I hope to go to the doctor soon! So I can see what I can d o to get down to the size I want. I do eat really healthy but not enough I guess. I will keep you posted as soon as I can.


Hello world!

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